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Meet Aydın’s Most Innovative Team!

Ertuğrul Kaderli, Founder

Our services to provide you with the professional support you need for the design and elevation of living spaces make you feel the quality texture of aesthetics. As Ertuğrul Kaderli Architecture, we primarily focus on quality and perform architectural projects, interior design, renovation and decoration applications of our customers on a turnkey basis. Our applications, which we are involved in every detail from the projecting stage to the presenting stage, are presented to you with the highest quality standards in material as well as in labor. In our systematic efforts within the scope of Total Quality Management principles, besides the high quality standards of work quality, costs can be optimized in this way. By utilizing our expertise, experience and equipment, we can optimize cost and achieve great results at great prices.

We are listening

As Ertugrul Kaderli Architecture, we develop projects to offer you what you do not have in mind. In doing so, we analyze your needs and expectations in the best way and ensure that the necessary conditions for your satisfaction emerge. We inform you in detail about our practices and produce predictable results. With our 3D Modeling applications, we can make a visual presentation of our projects so that we are moving towards the goals you want, not the unknown.

Our Vision Innovation

For centuries, we have been working with the vision of demolishing today’s monotonized patterns of architecture that has led civilization and bringing a new dimension to the sector. In addition to technical innovation, we also present original designs in project development processes. To reach comfortable and stylish living spaces with unique designs, all you have to do is reach us, forward your requests and listen to our ideas.

We Care About Our Business

Ertuğrul Kaderli Architecture; is an enterprise with corporate standards and adopted the mission of achieving absolute satisfaction. We work to ensure that every job we produce is of the highest possible quality standards. We continue our business with an understanding that brings sincerity and seriousness together and we love to do it. All the projects we have realized within the scope of our long-standing sector experience have emerged on this ground and our future works will continue on this route.

our vision

Increasing the standards of our business and helping to shape the sector accordingly form the basis of our vision. To this end, we develop innovation projects and increase the qualifications of the sector by ensuring that quality is reflected in all applications.

Our mission

Our mission is to create the highest quality standards and to satisfy the needs of our customers in the best way. We ensure that our services are realized in the shortest period of time in accordance with our commitments and we keep our costs as low as possible. Achieving the highest efficiency in quality and price comparison is one of our basic principles.


Ertuğrul Kaderli Mimarlık, şu an sadece Aydın’da olsa da yakın zamanda diğer şehirlerde de ev sahipleri ve misafirleri buluşturmaya devam edecek. Antalya, Muğla, İzmir ve çok daha fazlası…